About Marcel

Marcel is a Dutch born globalite who has travelled extensively. He has lived in New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A., and Canada. He now lives in the historic Dutch port of Enkhuizen, about one hour north of Amsterdam. He is a multi-creative, who regards healing as a creative process in itself.


Marcel trained in a variety of creative and healing disciplines, and is a qualified Touch of Matrix® Therapist.


He works as a Touch of Matrix therapist in Enkhuizen, The Netherlands, and world-wide through Skype.

As I trained I healed.

I let go of the old

and made space for the new.

The body is like a bio-computer.

Delete or update old programmes.

Refresh body, mind and spirit!

The Touch of Matrix method is fast. 

Why wouldn’t it be? 

Everything else is!

Imagine you are a bio-computer where all files about you are stored. Files created by yourself and others throughout your life. They can fill up and clutter your harddrive (stress, burn-out), slow you down (ailments), and stand in the way of your wellbeing and happiness. You can now locate those old files (becoming aware), delete them (letting go), and feel and/or get better (healing). 

You can even clear subconscious files that you forgot about, or filed on a remote harddrive. No need to relive, or understand (rationalise) those files again. You can clear files of any format, be they emotional, physical, mental, spiritual (old beliefs). You can create space. You can write new programmes that will allow you to shine.

Anybody can do this. No need to know bio-computer code. I will be 'the geek' and facilitate your process. I will help you to become aware of those old files and programmes that no longer serve you. We connect using 'the field' (like the internet) where everything is known, including what will be allowed to be deleted at any given moment.


Marcel works from home in the historic city centre of Enkhuizen, Holland, or World-wide via Skype, Facetime, or Messenger or similar. Contact Marcel now to make an appointment. (Please scroll down for the contact form).


Marcel works flexible hours to suit. Appointments are available daytime, evenings, and weekends. To make an appointment contact Marcel here.


Humans €90/session. Allow 1,5 hours for a session, and 3 sessions per topic/issue. 

Dogs €45/session. Generally 1 session per issue suffice.

Sessions can be in person or via Skype.

(Time and distance are irrelevant in Touch of Matrix).


The Practice

Doelenstraat 40 

1601GL Enkhuizen




Free 3-hours parking close by (blue zone)

Train station 7 minutes walk (direct intercity train from Amsterdam, 60 minutes)

Contact Marcel

Contact phone number (+country code when outside The Netherlands)